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Video "Viva Pacifico! A night of solidarity with the people of Buenaventura" con subtítulos

Publicado el 7 may. 2015 por MovJaguar Despierto
Video con subtítulos
On the 14th of March, MJD joined forces with War on Want and Movimientos to host Viva Pacifico! at Rich Mix in London. It was a night of dance, music and activism where we celebrated the struggle of the people of Buenaventura, currently in the middle of what can only be described as humanitarian crisis.
The incredible sounds of Cumbé and the powerful words of the Spoken Word Artists group came together to show that Buenaventura is much more than violence, much more than statistics. It is a place of life, celebrated through culture and intimately tied to territory.
Here is a short message of solidarity for the people of Buenaventura to let them know that the struggle they're struggle is our struggle. Que Viva Buenaventura!
Difundido por Crónicas del Despojo

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